Academic Technology

Worcester Preparatory School is a high speed wireless network campus. Technology at WPS is integrated throughout the Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 curriculum to enhance and engage learning inside and outside of the classroom.

WPS students begin using a variety of technology at the age of four. Students in grades four through twelve are required to bring their own iPad to class. All classrooms are equipped with Apple TVs or SMART boards and have a variety of technological devices, such as, digital cameras, document cameras, laser printers, digital radio, Lego robotics, Vex Robotics, a 3D printer, a digital milling machine, and more. Upon graduation WPS students are able to develop multimedia presentations using video, audio, and visual effects. They are also able to develop web pages, portfolios, and use the Adobe Creative Suites software. The technology at WPS gives students a competitive edge and prepares them for college.

To further drive our integrated use of technology, we have implemented the Learning Management System, Schoology. This system allows each student, and his or her family, to actively follow their progress inside or outside of the classroom. Each student is supported through posted assignments, evaluations, and connections with their teacher and classmates.