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College Counseling

School Profile 2019-20


Worcester Preparatory School's Director of College Counseling, along with the school’s faculty and staff, are dedicated to helping students:

  • Attain the academic foundation needed for success in college
  • Understand the college selection, application, and testing process
  • Select colleges that are best for their talents and interests
  • Achieve the highest scores they can in college testing
  • Write excellent college essays
  • Prepare outstanding college applications
  • Apply for scholarships and awards
  • Make a smooth transition into college life

Worcester hosts student and parent group and individual sessions with the Director of College Counseling, SAT classes, forums, group and individual with college admissions representatives, summer Boot Camp sessions targeting college applications and essays, and an array of other activities designed to show students how to increase their scores in college testing and how to present themselves in their college application materials.

Because of the foundation in the academics students receive through the school's curriculum and the guidance they receive from the Director of College Counseling and the faculty, one hundred percent of Worcester students graduate and 100% go on to college. It is not unusual for alumni to return to Worcester or send us emails or texts indicating that everyone on their dorm floor is coming to them for help in writing research papers. We hear that they are tutoring others in math and excelling in their other studies. Because Worcester has such a large percentage of AP Scholars, AP Scholars with Honor, AP Scholars with Distinction, and National AP Scholars; graduates often are able to jump into advanced college classes and/or opt out of specific courses often required for freshmen. This enables them to move forward more quickly in their fields of interest.

Many alumni, once they finish their undergraduate years, go on for advanced studies in graduate and medical schools. The Director of College Counseling, Head of School and their staff are always ready to supply any information needed for applications to these schools.