The Dance program is an elective that helps to teach the student to appreciate dance as a fine art and its influence throughout history and in their world today.

Students may choose to take dance in the Middle School in seventh and eighth grades through Physical Education classes.  In the Upper School, students may also fulfill their Physical Education credit through Dance classes.  Upper School students may also choose to take Dance elective classes.

The Dance program gives students a strong, clear understanding and precise physical experimentation in Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, Swing, Tap, and Musical Theater styles of dance.  There is introduction to Ballroom, Hip Hop and some Folk Dances such as Spanish Flamenco, African, Russian, Irish Step, Hula, Tahitian, Maori and Filipino.  Other cultural styles may be researched and learned based on current events, school cultural assemblies, or what the students may be studying in their other classes.

By the end of a particular style segment, the students have learned that style, retained the choreography and rehearsed the dance to bring it up to performance level.  Most dances are between three and four minutes long.  

Performance is an option for Dance Elective students but highly encouraged as it provides them an opportunity to use their new abilities.  Ninth through twelfth grade students can participate in the upper school’s yearly Broadway musical. They can also participate in the annual Arts Showcase.  Middle School students can participate in their annual 6th grade play or 7th & 8th grade play as well as their annual Arts Showcase.