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At Worcester Preparatory School, athletics are a valuable part of the total educational program. As an extension of the academic classroom and traditional school day, valuable lessons are learned through athletic participation. The objective is to foster an environment where young people reach their full intellectual, emotional, and physical potential.

WPS sponsors seven interscholastic sports at the varsity, junior varsity, and middle school levels for both boys and girls. WPS discourages student-athletes from specializing in one particular sport, instead encouraging them to vary their athletic experiences. The principles of participation, excellence, discipline, loyalty, self-confidence, dealing with success and failure, respect for authority, and getting along with others are emphasized.

While the academic goal of Worcester Preparatory School is to prepare its students for a meaningful college experience and community life, the goal of athletic participation at WPS is one and the same. It is our goal to prepare the college bound student-athlete for the commitment level and self-motivation it takes to compete in collegiate athletics. WPS Athletics also strives to foster an environment of positive participation for the athletes looking to develop the life-skills that are obtained through participation in extracurricular activity.

Teams representing Worcester Preparatory School on the middle school and junior varsity levels emphasize participation, the development of fundamental skills necessary to the sport, teamwork, and team spirit. Working within that framework, the winning of contests is a desirable goal; however, coaches make an effort to coach and play all athletes so each player feels they are an integral part of the team.

The most visible team in each sport is the varsity. Substitutions and playing time are based on the coach's judgment of what is best for the team. There are no guarantees for starting positions or playing time. Coaches reward and recognize the most skilled players as well as those players who demonstrate excellent work habits, unselfish play, a desire to succeed, and an outstanding attitude. Coaches make every effort to have each young man or woman feel that he/she is an integral part of the team.

Good sportsmanship displayed by our student-athletes, parents and fans alike, is highly valued and a major expectation at Worcester Preparatory School. The manner in which teams win or lose reflects the values that WPS holds most closely. Team members must always keep in mind that they represent more than just themselves; they represent our school, our coaches and our families. WPS student-athletes should strive to make each proud of the way they carry themselves during all sporting competition.

Worcester Preparatory School's parents and fans are asked to respect their opponents and game officials at all times. Teams visiting our campus are guests and should be treated accordingly. Showing respect for other teams, parents, fans, and game officials is expected at all times, and is a positive reflection of Worcester Preparatory School.