Sara Chase Carlson Scholarship

The Sara Chase Carlson Scholarship is a four-year scholarship for the Upper School years, Grades 9-12.   The scholarship will be offered again for a new 9th grade student entering in September 2020.

Selection is based on the following criteria:

  • New Student Entering 9th Grade in 2018

  • Strong Academic Ability

  • Strength In The Arts and/or Technology

  • Demonstrated Financial Need


Worcester Preparatory School is committed to a policy of nondiscriminatory practices relating to race, color, sex, creed, or national origin in regard to the consideration and acceptance of students for admission and the interviewing and hiring of faculty and administrative staff.

For more information about Worcester Preparatory School, to schedule an admissions appointment or for further information on application procedures, please contact Tara Becker, Director of Admissions and Marketing, at 410-641-3575 or