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The WPS Community

                                 has always
                                 thought of
        WPS itself as a
        family. Students know practically
        everyone on campus and this
        familiarity moves relationships
        beyond respect and tolerance to
        mutual understanding.

        Our families often find WPS is a
        community like no other. Not only
        will the students make lifelong
        friends, their families will as
        well. Students and their families
        participate in so many aspects of

        the school’s activities.

        Faculty plays a big role in the
        family feel of the school and are
        exceptional professionals. They
        love their work.

        WPS students are a close knit
        group striving for excellence –

        who work together to help each
        other succeed. The atmosphere
        promotes individuality and
        competitiveness but also
        teamwork and cooperation.

        There’s a sense of community

        – not only among students but
        also with students and teachers.
        Students feel comfortable talking
        to teachers and asking questions.
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