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P. 11

In the Classroom

                                                                      Our teachers bring

                                                                      experience, knowledge
                                                                      and inspiration.

                                                                      Dynamic teachers foster a love
                                                                      of learning and they know their
                                                                      students well.

                                                                      They respond to the interests
                                                                      of the students and are creative
                                                                      and innovative in the classroom.
                                                                      Teachers are advisors, mentors, role

                                                                      Our educators care about their
                                                                      students. They will often come
                                                                      in early or stay late to meet with
                                                                      students who need help.

                                                                      Because our teachers are
                                                                      passionate, our students are avid
                                                                      learners. Teachers observe students
                                                                      in order to understand their
                                                                      strengths and weaknesses. They are
                                                                      able to help students uncover an
                                                                      interest and excel at it. They share
                                                                      in their successes and offer support
                                                                      when students need it.

                                                                      Our teachers are committed to
                                                                      helping students find their passion.
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