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College-preparatory Curriculum

                     orcester Prep’s
                     robust graduation
          Wrequirements call
           for four years of English,
           mathematics, science, history
           and foreign language. Other
           required courses include Art and
           Music Appreciation, Integrated
           Technology, Sophomore and
           Junior SAT Prep, and physical

           In addition to regular college
           prep classes, a diverse selection
           of electives, and honors courses,
           Worcester Prep currently offers
           Advanced Placement (AP)
           courses in English Literature,
           English Language, American
           History, Calculus AB, Calculus BC,
           Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

           Students may also choose from
           a number of electives including
           art, digital engineering,
           robotics, dance, voice, drama,
           photography, and technology.

           Extra-curricular Activities

           A number of student activities
           are offered to match a broad
           range of interests from mock
           trial to Botball competitions.
           Many opportunities for
           leadership are offered within                  WPS is a member of the
           the school including the student               Cum Laude Society, which
           government association, class                  provides the equivalent of
           officers, student-run radio                    collegiate Phi Beta Kappa
           stations, yearbook and school                  recognition to high school
           newspaper.                                     students.
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