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Step into the halls of Worcester Prep and

                                         you can sense it…the energy of teachers and
                                         students. A steady momentum of discovery.

                                         Our curriculum is exceptional. Our teachers are renowned. Students
                                         are encouraged to explore their passions and interests, inspiring a
                                         love for learning that will last a lifetime.

                                         Small schools benefit students in big ways. Classes are intimate,
                                         discussions are lively, ideas are shared, voices are heard.  There is
                                         opportunity to lead and participate, to try new things and to get
                                         involved in a variety of sports, clubs and activities.

                                         WPS challenges students to grow as critical and creative thinkers.
                                         A strong liberal arts curriculum incorporates the best of tradition.
                                         At WPS, students can have the lead in the musical and play soccer.

       100% of our students go to college
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