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Page 23 - Admissions Viewbook
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Visiting our school is the best way to determine whether Worcester Prep is
        the right place for your child and your family. We will take you into classes,

        introduce you to students, faculty and staff, and whenever possible,

        introduce you to parents. You can ask questions, see our facilities, get a
        sense of what happens in the classroom, and experience the Worcester

        Prep warmth and welcome.

        If you are looking for a high-achievement environment that is also a joyful,

        spirited place, come for a visit and learn why next year at WPS could be
        your student’s best yet.

             For more information about Worcester Preparatory School, to schedule an

                   admissions appointment and admissions testing, please contact:

                                                Director of Admissions
                                            Worcester Preparatory School

                                                508 South Main Street
                                                      P.O. Box 1006
                                                Berlin, Maryland 21811


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