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classrooms are self-
                                                                                      contained and provide
        Lower School just the right amount of

        structure – guiding and supporting students at the same time allowing them freedom
        to nurture independent thinking and action. Students learn basic facts and concepts

        and are encouraged and empowered to think and express themselves in traditional
        and imaginative ways. Strong academics are brought to life with varied, engaging

        A strong focus on writing and public speaking starts early. Lower School students
        practice how to catch a reader’s attention, how to develop a point, how to create the

        language of poetry and how to keep a writer’s notebook. By writing and practicing
        public speaking, our students build necessary skills of clear communication that are
        honed throughout their years at WPS.

            Accelerated reading & math programs

                          Hands-on science activities

                     Cursive handwriting • Manners
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