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Page 9 - Admissions Viewbook
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         Technology plays many roles
         at WPS. Students submit their
         work directly from their iPads to
         edit, and grade.  Students and
         teachers wirelessly demonstrate
         their work on classroom
         projectors. Technology is not

         a destination…it is one of
         the ways to reach an ultimate
         goal of an extraordinary
         education. Students Skype/
         Videoconference to collaborate
         with children in other countries
         and take virtual field trips to

         explore other environments
         and cultures.

         With our one-to-one iPad
         program, our approach to
         technology is centered on the
         person. While promoting the
         use of cutting-edge technology
         and techniques in academic

         education, WPS also stresses
         the importance of students
         becoming good digital citizens.

              We help students create balance in a digital world.
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