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        After a record-setting athletic campaign
        from the previous school year, the 2016-17
        Mallard athletic teams set out to raise the
        bar even higher! And once again Mallard
        teams won every regular season game
        for ESIAC championships and won all but
        one ESIAC Tournament championship, 16
        trophies in all.

                        BOYS' TEAM                    ESIAC PLAYERS
                      9 wins - 2 losses
                                                       OF THE YEAR
                       GIRLS' TEAM
                     13 wins - 0 losses
           TENNIS  ESIAC Champions. Mesa Cammack        Varsity Girls' Soccer
                                                        Olivia Bescak
                  Both teams were crowned

               and Saylor McGuiness named Girls'
              Doubles Champions and Colin Miller
                and Brenner Maull named Boys'             Carter Hill
                     Doubles Champions.             Varsity Boys' Cross Country

           FIELD HOCKEY  Played in and won their fourth    Varsity Girls' Basketball
                         9 wins
                                                         Leigh Lingo
                        4 losses

                 straight ESIAC Championship.
                                                        Annika Larsen

                        BOYS' TEAM                      Varsity Girls' Tennis
                     14 WINS - 1 LOSS                   Tucker Brown

           SOCCER     9 WINS - 1 LOSS                     Varsity Boys'
                        GIRLS' TEAM

                   ESIAC Championship wins           Basketball and Lacrosse
                       for both teams.

          Worcester Preparatory School                                           -10-          -11-
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