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                                           The holiday season kicks off in grand style with the WPS
                                           Christmas Bazaar.  Parent chairs and volunteers set up many
                                           booths at the event including a lunch cafe, holiday bakery,
                                           photos with Santa, and a silent auction area.  In addition,
                                           many local vendors are featured.  This event is open to the
                                           public and is one of our two largest fundraisers.

                 2016 CHRISTMAS
                  BAZAAR CHAIRS
                     Megan Amodeo
                      Ann Bateman
                      Lisa Browne
                      Tami Collins
                     René Costleigh
                      Robyn Cronin
                       JL Cropper
                     Doreen Dennis
                      Julie Derrick
                     Brittany Flurer
                      Pam Haines
                    Marybeth Hebert
                     Jennifer Humes
                     Christie Maier
                      Kim McCabe

                     Elise Mumford
                      Tami Oltman
                    Katie Oxenreider
                   Ingrid Poffenberger
                      Tonya Rayne
                      Jennifer Rice
                    Stephanie Ruddo
                     Renee Spadaro

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