Page 18 - 2016-2017 Annual Report
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          Thank you for your         Founder’s Circle
               generous              Dr. and Mrs. Ryan C. Barnhart
         contributions to the        Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Jenkins, Sr.
              2016-2017              Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Marshall
             Annual Fund             Mr. and Mrs. D. Blake Thompson
          This report reflects gifts
        made between July 1, 2016
            and June 30, 2017

         Founder’s Circle
         ($5,000 +)

         Circle ($2,500 +)

         Trustee’s Circle
         ($1,500 +)

         Patron’s Circle
         ($1,000 +)
                                     Headmaster’s Circle
         Mallard Club                Mr. and Mrs. C. Galen Gardner
         ($500 +)                    Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Labin
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Derrick O. Lingo II
         Red, White,
         & Blue Club ($250+)         Wilde Charitable Foundation, Inc.

         Century Club ($100+)        Trustee’s Circle

         Honor’s Club                Mr. and Mrs. William E. Esham, Jr.
         (Up to $99)                 Ms. Mimi Langeler
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Laws, Jr.
         Alumni Club
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Marshall '82
         Faculty/Staff               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Metz
                                     Drs. Ram and Aparna Mohan
         Organizations               Mr. and Mrs. R. Charles Nichols

         Grandparents                Dr. and Mrs. Mark Shimko

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