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            Thank you to our event sponsors throughout the year.

             GALA                                RAFFLE UNDERWRITERS
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Barry Beauchamp
             $10,000 PLATINUM SPONSORS           Mr. and Mrs. Todd Burbage
             PNC Bank                            Mr. and Mrs. Alex Miller
             WPS Trustees
                                                 BOOK FAIR
             $5,000 GOLD SPONSOR                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rayne
             Dixie Construction                  Dunkin' Donuts

             $2,500 SILVER SPONSORS               RACE FOR EXCELLENCE
             Atlantic/Smith Cropper & Deeley Insurance
             Bank of Ocean City                  PRIZES
             Cards Technology                    Bay Shore Development
             Hertrich Toyota                     Trimper's Amusements
             Morgan Stanley Wealth Management -  Baja & Gran Prix Amusements
             The Dennin Group                    Old Pro Golf
             Taylor Bank
                                                 YARD SIGN SPONSORS
             $1,500 CENTERPIECE SPONSOR          Dr. and Mrs. Kanwarjit Brar
             Philip & Barbara Long Family Foundation   Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bren
                                                 Mr. Clinton and Dr. Tia Bunting
             $1,000 BRONZE SPONSORS              Mr. and Mrs. Todd Burbage
             BB&T                                Dr. Sukyoung and Mr. Matt Carr
             The Dispatch                        Mr. and Mrs. Chris Collins
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Conway
             IN-KIND AUCTIONEER SPONSOR          Dr. and Mrs. Fadi Damouni
             BSC America                         Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fernley
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Green
             $500 ENTERTAINMENT SPONSOR          Ms. Jenny Lynch
             Peninsula Imaging LLC               Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mann

             CHRISTMAS BAZAAR                    Mr. Doug McCabe
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Chad Moore
                                                 Mr. Johan Poulsen and Dr. Tiffany Derrickson
             REFRESHMENT DONATIONS               Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Rinnier
             Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Berger         Dr. and Mrs. Mark Shimko
             Chick-Fil-A                         Mr. and Mrs. William Spraul
             Papa John's Pizza                   Mr. and Mrs. Paul Townsend
             Pepsi of Salisbury

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