Page 28 - 2016-2017 Annual Report
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                                                 Alumni Association Committee
          The WPS Alumni Association is
          committed to its mission of                   Steve Green ‘93
          advancing alumni relations through

          nurturing lifetime involvement,                Chris Hoen ‘90
          loyalty, confidence and support of the       1st Vice President
          school; to provide a vehicle to allow

          former students to easily reconnect        Ashlee Reed Hidell ‘00

          and communicate with the school;             2nd Vice President
          and to advance annual events and      Susan Winkleman Beauchamp ‘83
          diverse activities that maintain           Tara Frankel Becker ‘91

          member interest and enrich the           Colleen Donovan Brown ‘02

          school.                                    Anna Dolle Bushnell ‘96
                                                       Reese Cropper ‘78
                   Annual Events                 Heather Lankford Hammond ‘90
                  sponsored by the                   Garvey Heiderman '05
                 Alumni Association
          100 Day Breakfast for graduating seniors      Chris Mancini '03
               Family Weekend Cookout                    Alex Moore ‘86

                 Alumni Happy Hour                     Scott Mumford ‘91
            Worcester Honors Awards Banquet             Mitch Parker ‘76
                                                     Blaire Falck Parsons ‘01

                                                         Joe Wilson '08
          Worcester Preparatory School                                           -28-          -29-
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