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         As Worcester Prep looks to its next chapter   The Erin Mullen Memorial Fund
         of growth, the school continues taking
         steps toward a solid and financially sound   The Worcester Preparatory School

         future.  These steps have logically led the   Endowment at the
         school to the creation of endowed funds,    Community Foundation
         which will exist in perpetuity.  In addition   of the Eastern Shore
         to reserve funds, which provide security
         and strong financial footing, Worcester     The Sara Chase Carlson
         now holds several endowed funds.            Endowed Scholarship

          The Sara ChaSe CarlSon SCholarShip

         This scholarship is a comprehensive, full tuition
         scholarship, awarded to an Upper School student

         entering 9th grade.  This award was established
         in 2004 by Sara Carlson and her late father,
         Robert L. Edwards, in order to offer a WPS
         education to a student demonstrating a
         strong academic ability, interest in the arts
         and/or technology as well as a financial

          The current Carlson Scholarship recipient will graduate with the Class of 2020.
                 For more information about the Sara Chase Carlson Scholarship,
                please contact Tara Becker, Director of Admissions and Marketing.

                                      Tara Becker, ‘91

                • 410-641-3575

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