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            With each new school year at WPS there are countless parent volunteers who sign
            on to help keep the school running efficiently.  These volunteers give their time and
            resources, and are dedicated to their work at WPS.  Their efforts enhance not only
            the day-to-day experiences for students, but also for faculty and staff.

              OFFICERS         cOMMITTEE

              Marianne Buas    Kari Berger       Matilda Gjikuria   Tammy Patrick
                President    Amy Burbage         Lyndie Hertrich    Tonya Plylar

              Jayne Kendall   Laurie Carter      Cat Larsen         Angela Principe
              Vice President  Christie Crayton   Wendy Laws         Tonya Rayne
                             Doreen Dennis       Joerg Leinemann    Kim Richins
             Tammy Bunting   Annemarie Dickerson  Amy Maull         Gail Scheiber
                 Treasurer   Katie Emche         Elyse Moore        Beth Tinkler

             Courtney Baeurle    Michelle Fager  Lisa Osias         Kelly Williams
                Secretary    Amy Ginnavan        Nancy Parker


              Publication of the Parent Directory
                Coordination of Lunch Services
            Concession Stand Services for Athletics
                     New Parent Coffee
               Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
                     Grandparents’  Day
                          Field Day
               College Counseling & Hospitality
                    Convocation Catering
                     Family Ambassador
                  Homeroom Coordinators
                   School Supply Ordering
                Spring Dinner for Art Showcase
                    Sunshine Committee
                       Worcester Pride
                       Uniform Store
                       Uniform Liaison
                    Worcester Volunteers
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