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        Tradition • Innovation • Leadership

                               As I reflect back on this past year at Worcester Prep, I often
                               recall the impressive graduation speech delivered by Brad
                               Bebee, member of the class of 1994.  Brad offered advice
                               to our 56 graduates on how to navigate the ever-changing,
                               global work force and explained how his Worcester
                               foundation helped him do just that.

                               As a rising executive with Amazon, Brad recalled how a
                               traditional education, rooted in strong academics and
          delivered in a small town, had served him well in his travels down a career path which
          took him from Maryland, across the world and back.

          Like Brad, the students attending Worcester Prep today are preparing to transition
          from learners, to leaders.  Our entire school community is a part of this process and I
          would like to thank every donor, teacher, parent, grandparent, staff member, coach,
          administrator and friend of the school for their support, encouragement and

          Thanks to you, our students will utilize cutting-edge technology in a renovated STEM
          Innovation Center, enjoy recess on a new Lower School playground, and participate in
          enhanced robotics and coding curriculums.

          Thank you for all that you have done this year for Worcester Prep and thank you for
          being leaders within our school community.


          Charles R. Jenkins, Sr.
          WPS Board of Trustees

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