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            When you spend time on the Worcester Prep campus, it is easy to see how the school
            carries its mission into the daily lives of our students.  You don’t have to be here long to see
            teachers, students, administrators, and staff working toward common goals of academic
            excellence, college preparation and strong personal character.

            However, when you linger in our hallways another common thread becomes visible.  You
            see that we are a family.  Not just within our classrooms or on our fields, but within our
            entire community.

            Our school community is the heartbeat of Worcester Prep.  Current parents and
            grandparents support and encourage our students, teachers provide a safe and
            productive learning environment, staff and administration keep the offices running
            smoothly, volunteers help ensure that our events go off without a hitch and our donors
            provide the funds necessary to keep Worcester Prep an institution of academic distinction.

            As WPS begins its forty-eighth year , I would like to truly thank each member of our school
            community for all that you give to our school.  Without you, we would not be where we
            are today; a school, a community, a family.

            Warm regards,

            Barry W. Tull, Ed.D.

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