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            The 2016-17 school year was a championship year for the WPS Middle School.  Our theme
                           focused on being champions for each other, our school, and our world.  All year
                              long our students and faculty worked hard to incorporate this theme in our
                               classrooms, on our athletic fields, during our field trips, and throughout
                               our hallways.

                                   The Middle School curriculum focused on educating the whole child
                                     and preparing our learners for the rigors of the WPS Upper School
                                       experience, all while helping them navigate the stressors and
                                       development that occurs at this age.  Our students excelled
                                        in academic peer competitions hosted by organizations such
                                        as the Daughters of the American Revolution, Math Counts,
                                         Maryland Math League, and The Ocean City-Berlin Optimist

                                       The  Middle School also had many exciting adventures this
                              year.  Our 7th graders enjoyed a visit to Colonial Williamsburg and studied
                              marshes and history at Cape Henlopen State Park, while the 8th grade
                             bonded at Echo Hill Outdoor School on a 3-day excursion.  The 6th grade also
                           experienced Echo Hill during a day trip to the park.  They enjoyed a preview of
                         what was to come on their 8th grade overnight trip, and were able to participate
                     in team-building activities which included time on the giant swing and climbing the
                    rock wall.  Smiles and excitement were in abundance all day.

                In addition to our academic and extracurricular programs, the Middle Schoolers enjoyed fun
               activities to keep the curriculum interesting and exciting.  Our annual “Mix It Up at Lunch” day
            encouraged our students to forge additional friendships and learn new things about each other.

            Throughout our Middle School hallways you could truly feel the spirit of our champions.
            Their passion for learning and commitment to their team will serve them well in Upper School and
                   "  chAMPIONS AREN'T MADE IN gyMS. chAMPIONS ARE MADE

                    fROM SOMEThINg ThEy hAVE DEEP INSIDE ThEM - A DESIRE, A
                    DREAM, A VISION. ThEy hAVE TO hAVE ThE SkILL, AND ThE wILL.
                    bUT ThE wILL MUST bE STRONgER ThAN ThE SkILL.               "
                                                                 MUhAMMAD ALI

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