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Worcester Preparatory School Newsletter                                                Graduation 2018

                                             Retirement News

                            1970 - 2018  |  Headmaster Dr. Barry Tull and Headmaster's Assistant Diane Tull

             Revered Headmaster Dr. Barry Tull, along with his assistant/wife, Diane, retired in July after 48 years of dedication and
             service to WPS.  The WPS family will forever be grateful for the vision and legacy Dr. Tull has created as Headmaster the
             past 33 years.   We could write a book to sum up his incredible accomplishments and passion for the school over nearly five
             decades!  The Tulls' daily presence in the WPS community will definitely be missed. Shown above are some special gifts from
             the Alumni Association and staff including WPS class rings and a commissioned WPS painting by local artist Kirk McBride.
             We thought it fitting to dedicate this issue of Alumni Class Notes to Dr. Tull's parting words to his final graduating class.....

            Dear Graduates,
            In the days since you made your triumphal walk across the  I think you are ready partly because your relationships with
            stage of the Athletic and Performing Arts Center to receive  each other have been lively, competitive, and intense, and
            your diploma, the faculty and administration have reviewed  marked by creative alliances.  Your class gatherings have been,
            with pleasure your college acceptances, rejoiced in your  at times, contentious and raucous as you have fully explored
            achievements and scholarship awards, and felt pangs of  the dialectic of your differences.  But in those discussions and
            concern typical of persons who care for one another as we  encounters there has always been a current of energy generated
            face transitions.  And we have reflected on your last year  by your concern for each other and for the school.
            at  Worcester—”Have  we taught  you enough?    Can  you
            successfully face life without a few last words from us?  Do  As a class you have achieved much and contributed much to
            you know a suitable analysis of the final scenes of Othello,  your alma mater.  Your offers of admissions from outstanding
            the most elegant linear equations, and the subjunctive tense?   universities and the remarkable number of scholarship offers
            Do you have an adequate sense of the social aspirations of the  are tributes to those achievements.  And so, as you strike out
            New Deal and the causes of the breakup of the Soviet Union?   for new challenges after your years at Worcester, we will miss
            We worry that, now that you are on your own, we may have  you, but will also look forward to hearing about your journeys,
            forgotten a few things we need to tell you.         so keep in touch.
            But each teacher’s zeal to achieve the perfectly exposited course,
            fully representing the teacher’s understanding and vision of the
            subject and guaranteed to serve students’ intellectual interests
            for an indefinite future is impossible to realize.  It is equally
            impossible to realize parents’ similar wish that domestic lessons
            about emotional, spiritual, and psychological welfare be fully
            absorbed and sufficient to handle all of life’s eventualities.  Of
            course, even if together we could transplant to you our sense
            of life, whole and undistorted, giving you a copy of our minds,
            it would not match your individual personalities and points
            of view, nor be adequate.

            All this said, given the interesting diversity of your
            backgrounds, the variety of your talents, your several points of
            view, and from watching you over the years, I would conclude
            that you are ready to be on your own.  This readiness, derives,
            I think, from the fact that you have indeed learned—if not
            all we wanted you to—certainly a great deal, and you have
            demonstrated both corporately and specifically the strength   The Tulls with their three children (L-R) Kristen Tull Asplen
            of mind and independence of spirit to make that learning your   '89, Barry & Diane, Chris Tull '93, and Joey Tull Nord '86.
            own and use it in your individual ways.

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