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Boutique & Home

          ITEM #117
          Jen's Lavish Lashes Gift Basket
          Value: $338.00
          Donated By: Jennifer Humes

          ITEM #118
          Bliss Salon Gift Basket
          Value: $500.00
          Donated By: Monogram Realty

          ITEM #119
          Photo on Wood from Plak That
          Add some flair to any room with this photo printed on wood from local art shop, Plak That.
          Value: $75.00
          Donated By: Plak That

          ITEM #120
          Cup of Sunshine Coffee Package
          Start your morning off the right way with this 'Cup of Sunshine' mug! Package also includes $20 gift
          certificate to Starbucks and one pound of Starbucks ground coffee.
          Value: $45.00
          Donated By: The Kite Loft

          ITEM #121
          A Lovely Selection from Sea Level Designs
          Donated By: Sea Level Designs

          ITEM #122
          Meyoung Home Projector
          Value: $90.00
          Donated By: Friend of Worcester Prep

          All packages expire one year from date of issue unless otherwise noted.
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