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Worcester Delights

         ITEM #510
         Birthday Lunch with Mrs. Bescak
         Your student will enjoy a very special birthday celebration with Mrs. Bescak during one school day at
         WPS!  Does your child have a summer birthday?? No problem!  Choose their half-birthday, or any
         special day that they would like to celebrate.  Your student will dine in style as Mrs. Bescak sets a
         special 'celebration table' and brings in lunch.  Expires 3/4/19.  Mutually agreeable date.
         Value: Priceless
         Donated By: Mrs. Allison Bescak

         ITEM #511
         Day of Fun with Mrs. Bescak
         A student and one friend will have the best time EVER during a Day of Fun with Mrs. Bescak in Ocean
         Value: Priceless
         Donated By: Mrs. Allison Bescak

         ITEM #512
         A Day with Mrs. Leslie
         Spend the morning or afternoon at Mrs. Leslie's farm in Laurel, Delaware and see what "A Day in the
         Life of Mrs. Leslie" is like! Bring up to 4 friends and enjoy a homemade meal with seasonal dessert.
         But the fun doesn't stop there...receive an oil or watercolor painting lesson, meet her two adorable
         kids and spend a few hours relaxing and enjoying good company in a beautiful location.  Mutually
         agreeable day during summer break, 2018.
         Value: Priceless
         Donated By: Mrs. Megan Leslie

         ITEM #513
         WPS Lax Fan Package
         Cheer on the Mallards with an Under Amour WPS lacrosse sweatshirt and a navy Under Armour WPS
         lacrosse Locker Tee. Both size large.
         Value: $95.00
         Donated By: Mike and Beth Truitt

         All packages expire one year from date of issue unless otherwise noted.
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