Honor Code

Worcester Preparatory School prides itself on its commitment to education, academic integrity, and personal honor. We believe that the teaching and learning process flourishes in an environment of mutual respect, honor and trust. Within our rigorous academic atmosphere there exists a community of respect, trust, and discipline where all students are expected to act responsibly, ethically, and honorably. In all our actions at Worcester Preparatory School, we encourage students to strive for a life governed by the values of academic honesty and respect for the work of others.

The following are examples of academic dishonesty and a lack of personal integrity:

  1. Cheating - giving or receiving unauthorized assistance on a graded assignment, regardless of intent.
  2. Stealing - the intentional, unauthorized use and/or possession of another's property without prior consent.
  3. Lying - any misrepresentation of the truth with the intent to deceive.
  4. Plagiarizing - the representation of another's ideas, thoughts or words as one's own, regardless of intent.
  5. Using unauthorized notes or other aids in a test, or copying from or being influenced by another student's work during a test.
  6. Giving unauthorized aid to another student - allowing another student to copy or use one's test, paper, or homework.
  7. Using help on homework or take-home tests that is beyond the limits specified by the teacher.
  8. Abusing technology which includes, but is not limited to, unlawful copying, harassing, information sharing, and engaging in inappropriate behaviors.