Mission & Philosophy


It is the mission of Worcester Preparatory School to promote academic excellence through a college preparatory curriculum and to promote the all-round growth of its students personally, physically, socially, and academically through its curricular and extracurricular programs.


Worcester Preparatory School has established a traditional atmosphere in which students are encouraged to develop to the fullest of their intellectual ability. Within this framework, the school strives to teach students to think logically; read with understanding; write, communicate, and calculate with skill; employ mathematical concepts; use technologies effectively; apply the principles of good health; and appreciate the importance of history, science, language, literature, and the visual and performing arts.

The program at Worcester Preparatory School is a rigorous academic preparation for college-bound students. In addition, students are provided a pleasant, nurturing curricular and extra-curricular environment that enhances individual growth and self-discipline. Through Worcester's programs, students have the opportunity to develop a positive sense of self-esteem and an appreciation of and respect for others.

It is the goal of Worcester Preparatory School that each graduate will emerge a rational individual who is adequately prepared for a meaningful college and community life. The Worcester Preparatory School graduate will be able to contribute, wisely and creatively, to our ever-changing society.

Worcester Preparatory School Diversity Statement

Worcester Preparatory School believes that diversity is a fundamental element of the educational experience.   We are committed to seeking a student body, faculty, and curriculum that truly reflects the complex richness of our world.  If we achieve this, students are more likely to become concerned and involved global citizens.  We wish to instill in our students a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for all peoples and cultures.