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An Educational Experience That Encourages Students to Explore, Discover, and Grow

Experience an education designed to ignite curiosity, push academic boundaries, nurture relationships, develop leaders, and prepare students for success in college and beyond.

The curriculum at Worcester Preparatory School aims to teach students to think logically; read with understanding; write and communicate effectively; apply mathematical concepts critically; leverage technologies strategically; and appreciate the importance of history, science, language, literature, and the visual and performing arts.

Worcester Preparatory School also emphasizes character building as part of the educational framework, providing students an opportunity to develop positive self-esteem and a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for others.

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Worcester Prep is the school it is today because the administrators and teachers are continually looking to improve the student experience. Whether it's bringing technology to the classroom, creating a middle school band or adding cross country to the already impressive athletic opportunities…the school is ever changing, while still providing the excellent college preparatory academics for which it is known.
Kathleen Abercrombie
As a WPS teacher and parent, I appreciate the freedom and encouragement for teachers to be creative, innovative, and to make learning an exciting experience for students.
Erika Phillips
What I love best is the wonderful caring faculty who get to know each child and have the tools and experience to identify their talents and bring out the best in them.
Dr. Vibha Sanwal
The number of athletic programs Worcester offers for a school of its size is incredible and unavailable from any other school in our area. Having so many options for the students to participate opens up more opportunity for the students to develop team building skills, feel more connected to the school, and to become more well-rounded students.
Alex Moore, class of 1986
Our children have continuously attended Worcester for 21 years. More than anything else, the school has prepared them for the rigors of college. They stand out for their ability to write and articulate with passion. Our eldest daughter graduated from Dartmouth College and completed medical school at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. She is now in her residency. Our second child is attending the University of Chicago and our third child is attending Emory University. We are looking forward to what our next child will accomplish when she graduates from Worcester.
Drs. Wilson and Linda Choy
Worcester Prep surrounded me with some of the brightest, most ambitious, yet grounded people I know. Nearly 20 years later, my friends from Worcester are still some of my closest friends, and several of my teachers still rank as the most influential people in my life.
Brett Martin, New York – Class of 2000
What stands out about my Worcester education was the emphasis on reading, writing and time management… I think it is one of the reasons I have done so well. I remember comparing my workload with friends from different schools and thinking that Worcester was much harder, but learning those skills prepared me for the corporate world.
Jessica Beckstead, Australia – Class of 2000
Worcester Prep played a huge role in my future. The school did a great job preparing me for college. This allowed me to adapt well to college and enabled me to get a great job upon graduation. Playing four years of lacrosse and soccer at WPS prepared me for college athletics and helped me learn some important life lessons that I took to college and into my professional life.
Christian Coates, New York – Class of 2008
Worcester Prep provided me with an academic foundation that prepared me to perform at the collegiate level and provided continuous opportunities for personal growth and development. From the lacrosse field to oratory competitions, class trips to robotics camps and musical performances – the memories and the learnings were truly unforgettable. Above all, Worcester provided me with a family of best friends that will last a lifetime, and for that I am most grateful.
Chase Harmon, California – Class of 2009